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Board Games with Panda is bi-weekly board game podcast where Amanda and Brad talk about all the great games they've been playing and offer their thoughts on a wide range of topics that are on their mind.

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In this episode, Brad and Amanda go over their amazing time they had at Origins Game Fair 2017. The five topics are: Demos, Full Plays, the City of Columbus, Events/Meet-ups, and special thanks to all the wonderful people they met during their first Origins!

Codenames Duet – 3:51

Last Will – 6:19

That’s a Question - 9:00

The Networks – 10:42

Wordsy – 11:06

Okey Dokey – 14:10

 Flip City – 15:23

Affliction: Salem 1692 – 16:08

Star Traders – 21:16

Vast – The Mysterious Manor – 24:40

Spoils of War – 27:30


 This week, Brad and Amanda go over their plans for their first trip to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio. They also highlight the Top 10 games they're most excited about checking out.

What we’ve been playing

Arkham Horror LCG (0:54 )

Barenpark (2:00)

Onitama (3:12)

Quadropolis (3:33)

The Grizzled (4:40)

Mr. Jack (5:00)

Evolution (5:30)

Ethnos (6:07)

Sagrada (6:45)


In Episode 4, Amanda and Brad talk about the games they've been playing since last episode as well as provide their review for Yokohama by Hisashi Hayashi and published by Tasty Minstrel Games.

What we've been playing

Big Box Takenoko (0:25)

Mechs vs Minions (1:25)

Diamonds (2:56)

Dead of Winter (4:12)

Timeline Challenge (8:55)

Roll For It (10:06)

Ethnos (11:16)

New York Slice  (12:25)


In this week's episode, Amanda and Brad talk about some of the components that really surprised them when they opened up the games for the first time. They're suckers for cute bits and pieces so good looking components definitely affect their enjoy of games.


Where they found our poster: https://www.geekygoodies.com/

Check out our Instagram for pictures of our game room!



In this episode,Amanda and Brad discuss what they've played since the last episode as well as the board game that really sparked their love of the hobby. This week, they highlight their love of the beautiful game Takenoko.

Clank! (00:32)

Scythe (01:00)

Celestia (01:30)

Orleans (02:38)

Telestrations (03:17)

Timeline: Americana (03:48)

Deception: Murder In Hong Kong (05:08)

Braintopia (06:07)

Happy Salmon (06:54)

Love Letter Premium (08:17)

Animal Upon Animal (09:33)

The Resistance (10:25)


Hello and welcome to Board Games with Panda. In this podcast, Amanda and Brad will be talking about the games that they love and the community that surrounds them.

This introduction episode gives some insight into the types of games that they enjoy by discussing various game mechanisms.