Dice Tower Network Podcast: Board With Video Games

Board With Video Games covers all the games you play on your table and your television. Each week Josh and Kyle cover the games they have been playing, discuss interesting news in both industries, respond to listener questions, and go in-depth on one topic covering it from a video game and a board game perspective. Mix in the occasional guest and you have a podcast covering two of the major pillars of the gaming landscape. You can think of Board With Video Games as the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of gaming podcasts, and we would love you to join us!

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Board With Video Games Episodes

In the board game portion, Josh briefly recaps Sagrada due to the technical issues in Episode 1 and also talks about the Colt Express  app while Kyle chats about Aqua Sphere. For the BG Topic, they discuss Sony negotiating for the rights to make a Catan movie, and they each give their pitch if the film were up to them. In the video game portion, Josh and Kyle form the Nintendo Outhouse (Donnie will not let them in the Shack) and give impressions on  Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch. For the VG Topic, they look at the Top
Josh and Kyle welcome you back to a new episode with better audio throughout! In the board game portion, Josh attempts to explain Cottage Garden while Kyle is clearing blights from the world in Mystic Vale. For the BG Topic, they discuss if a board game becomes an app…is it now a video game?
Josh and Kyle welcome you to the new podcast and cover the expected format and goals of the show. In the video game portion, Josh talks a bit more about his experiences with Destiny 2 and jumping into Iron Banner while Kyle encourages everyone to play Hob. For the VG Topic, they discuss what is on their Fall playlist.