Boards and Swords: Boards & Swords #11: Star Wars X-wing Miniatures, 2014 Gaming Resolutions

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Lots of X-wing talk this week - so I decided to break it down so that those unfamiliar could follow along! Also, I mention what I am looking forward to/gaming resolutions for 2014. How did you guys fare this Christmas? Send me an email letting me know what games you got/played this holiday season.

Board Games

Lords of Waterdeep (iOS) - Finally beat it! Starting to get the hang of this game

Arkham Horror - Played it, has a good theme but I feel like its lost a bit underneath all the mechanics


"Flying With The Aces"

- Inside look at the pilots from the "Imperial Aces" X-wing Expansion

Magic The Gathering/D&D

Nothing this week - look to see these segments return later this month!

Featured Topic

New Year's Gaming Resolutions/Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year

1. Podcast frequency

2. Pax East 2014

3. Star Wars X-Wing! Capital Ships! Imperial Aces! Wave 4...?

4. Playing more new games

Board Game Breakdown

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games

photo (9) photo (9)


@popculturecube - "Board games for Xmas: King of Tokyo; Smallworld; Mans. of Madness; Escape; Gloom; Fluxx; Theros Fatpack; TONS of D&D 4e stuff!"


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