Boards and Swords: Boards & Swords #16: Munchkin, Friday Night Magic Fails

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Lots of great stuff this week - a couple of FNMs gone bad, news about the next X-wing pack (I CALLED IT!), what happens when my party gets into the dungeon I made, and a breakdown of the card game Munchkin!

Board Games

Quarriors on iOS - very nice, may even replace the print version.

Cards Against Humanities - Bought it, haven't had a chance to play yet

X-wing: Imperial Aces


Not sure about the next episode - will be at PAX East!

Journey into Nyx Prerelease is at the end of April!  Which means there will be a special in depth episode - send in any questions/comments about the last episode for me to answer on the show.

Rebel Aces Pack announced for X-wing!

Magic The Gathering

Friday Night Magic Tales - hard time getting cards, made a 2 color deck and was not doing well with it.

- This week, had a good idea, got some sweet cards, but then released while playing the theme I was going for didn't really work in limited

Roleplaying Games

More D&D 4th edition campaign tales - The party begins their trek through the dungeon I created!

Featured Topic

None this week

Board Game Breakdown

Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games


MTGyou Podcast -


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