Boards and Swords: Pandemic, Munchkin Apocalypse 2, MTG: Conspiracy - Boards & Swords #23

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A little behind the 8-ball here, but I still wanted to get out an episode to you guys.  I've got some great board gaming news, a look at a new strategy I tried for D&D, and my thoughts on the new Magic set Conspiracy.  Not to mention, we've got a breakdown of one of the staples of Co-Op gaming: Pandemic!

Board Games

Munchkin Apocalypse x2

Cards Against Humanity

Lords of Waterdeep


X-Wing Wave Five!

Pandemic: Contagion!

Board Game Breakdown

Pandemic by Z-Man Games

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Roleplaying Games

When the world begins to fall apart, how do our heroes begin to build it back?

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Featured Topic

Ticket to Ride - The Dice Tower Network Game of the Month

Magic The Gathering

No deck this week, instead I talk about my Conspiracy experience



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