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Boards & Swords - A podcast about board games, card games, and other tabletop games. Every other week, Chris Renshaw sits down and talks about his experiences discovering new and cool games. Each episode, expect to hear great tales ranging from Magic: The Gathering to Dungeons & Dragons. Also, each episode Chris breaks down one board game so that everyone understands the basics of the game.

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This episode I try something different - a new Magic: The Gathering set of cards debuted this weekend in special Pre-Release tournaments, so I sit down and talk about what's new in this set and some of my initial thoughts.  Send me some feedback on whether or not you would like more of these episodes for future set releases and what I can do to improve it!

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Lots of X-wing talk this week - so I decided to break it down so that those unfamiliar could follow along! Also, I mention what I am looking forward to/gaming resolutions for 2014. How did you guys fare this Christmas? Send me an email letting me know what games you got/played this holiday season.

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