The Broken Meeple: The Broken Meeple - Episode 36 - Gearing Up For Essen!

Essen is just around the corner (literally, took me longer than I hoped to get this episode out!) and I'm excited to be going to it. This will be my first appearance and I've already caused my wallet harm by pre-ordering many games including some big deluxe sets. And there's plenty more to go yet! Join me in Episode 36 where I'll give my first impressions on Voyages of Marco Polo, Red Dragon Inn and Cacao, my Top 10 Games I'm Looking Forward To At Essen and kickstart a new pilot segment that I like to call "One More Game?". 10:05 - First Impressions (Voyages of Marco Polo) 13:26 - First Impressions (Red Dragon Inn) 16:16 - First Impressions (Cacao) 18:47 - One More Game? (Flash Point Fire Rescue) 29:51 - Top Ten (Games I'm Looking Forward To At Essen 2015) 50:48 - Conclusion