The Broken Meeple: The Broken Meeple - Episode 44 - UK Expo Preview

Just in time for you all to enjoy on your travels to the UK Expo this weekend, I cannot wait and I'm sure none of you in the UK can either! On today's show I give my first impressions of Shipyard and Keyflower followed by a discussion on what I'll be doing at the Expo and what you can look forward. And then as a special treat, there is no Top Ten, but rather a personal interview with Henry Jasper, the founder of Grublin Games in Cornwall, UK to talk about his new design "Perfect Crime" being showcased at the Expo. (Note that the recording was done on 31st May 2016 for timing and that editing multiple Audacity tracks together from Skype is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT!!) 04:37 - First Impressions - Shipyard 10:12 - First Impressions - Keyflower 19:38 - Discussion (UK Games Expo Preview) 37:25 - Henry Jasper (Grublin Games) Interview 1:03:40 - Conclusion