The Broken Meeple: The Broken Meeple - Episode 47 - PRE-ESSEN

Essen is right around the corner! Plenty of games coming out, although we don't know as much information as we would like to about most of them! However that won't stop me from talking about a ton of them. After my first impressions I'll belt on about a ton of new games and expansions that I'm interested in plus my Top Ten Anticipated Essen Releases. 06:35 - First Impressions (Runebound 3rd Edition) 12:23 - First Impressions (I'm The Boss) 14:58 - First Impressions (Elfenland) 19:13 - My Essen Schedule 23:25 - Interesting Essen Releases 40:24 - Top Ten Anticipated Essen Games