The Broken Meeple: Broken Meeple - Episode 58 - Surviving Essen Spiel

The Broken Meeple Show - Episode 58 - Surviving Essen Spiel Thanks for allowing me the time off 2 weeks ago to enjoy my Snowdonia trip and not have to worry about another podcast episode. To make up for that, enjoy this bumper length 90 minute special episode where I talk about Essen Spiel 2022 and preview the top thumbed games from the Spiel 22 BGG list and give my thoughts. Expect positive hype, negative rants, the works! 00:00 Introduction and Updates on My Life 19:45 First Impressions of Oathsworn 29:50 News (Kingdom Come Deliverance Closure) 41:32 Tips for Surviving Essen Spiel