The Broken Meeple: Broken Meeple Reviews - #1 - The Pursuit Of Happiness

It's finally happened everyone! This is the pilot episode for my first audio only review designed to supplement not only my main podcast but also my written reviews with something a little different. I get 10 minutes max to review a game and rather than being one that I get as a review copy, these will consist of games that I've acquired myself through my own means whether they be the new hotness or the cult of the old - essentially catching up on reviews I've wanted to do, but never got round to doing. So the pilot episode is kicking off with The Pursuit Of Happiness by Artipia Games, first shown to me at Essen. This is the first edition of the game and does not include the impending changes that are to be present in the second edition of the game. No doubt I will likely revisit this when the game comes out. Also note, the ten minute clock does not include music intros, endings or in this episode's case, the 1 minute explanation of what the purpose of these reviews are! :-P