The Broken Meeple: Episode 26 - Do Your Research Before You Buy Games

The new format was received well last week so we're going to continue with it! How Am I? (00:00) - I can now socialise indoors, my game cafes are open, I can still go to the gym and I've had my first vaccination against Covid! I'd say pretty good! :P What I've Played (06:47) - First impressions of Destines and War of the Ring followed by Sunset Over Water and Pictures. News (24:52) - The nominations for the 2021 Spiel Awards, a new Dominion app with a scary AI and the infamous "Update 80" from Frosthaven. Channel Shoutout (41:31) - Jay Plays Topic of the Day (43:47) - Researching A Game: How much research goes into a game before I decide to pull the trigger and spend my money on it and does FOMO play a part? Websites, videos, forums, here's where to look and how I go about making my ultimate decision. Coming Soon (01:03:07) - the upcoming videos and reviews on the channel to look forward to!