The Broken Meeple: Episode 27 - Why I Don't Like Roll & Write Games

How Am I? (00:00) - Dude, where's my car? And why I'm keen to go up to Yorkshire! Channel Shoutout (07:03) - Board Game Gran What I've Played (11:18) - First impressions of Fort, Vienna Connection and Red Rising. News (32:00) - FFG's new LCG format, the next Marvel Champions expansion, a new campaign for the D&D board games and what has to be one of the most desperate moves on Z-Man's part. Topic of the Day (44:40) - Why I Don't Like Roll & Writes. People ask why I don't do a Top 10 of this genre. . . . well because I don't like it, i barely have 3 I like, I think this genre is bloated, devoid of variation and. . . . well I'll let my fun rant do the talking! Coming Soon (01:09:52) - stuff to look forward to!