The Broken Meeple: Episode 38 - Don't You Want Innovation?

On today's episode I got a ton of games to talk about that I played, some of which you'll be surprised I played at all, and also a big discussion on innovation in games and a signature Broken Meeple rant on the new CMON KS rumours. How Am I? (00:00) - General stress, health and what I've done on the channel and future content! What I Played (04:00) - From my games at Merrycon we have Agricola with Farmers of the Moor, Glass Road impressions, Terraforming Mars, Diamonds and my first play of the new Mortum by Arcane Wonders. News (20:22) - An upcoming giveaway that I'm doing in collaboration with ZATU to look out for and the new Marvel Zombicide rumours and CMON's sales tactics. Do You Want Innovation or The Same Formula? (29:12) - Following an interesting Facebook discussion, I talk about my thoughts on the question of whether as gamers we want to see brand new ideas in design that are inherently more risky, but give us something new or just games that repeat the same formulaic ideas, but are tried and tested and known to work?