The Broken Meeple: Episode 47 - Rants, News & Dice Tower 2021 Nominations

The Broken Meeple Show - Episode 47 - Dice Tower 2021 Nominations Oh my word, this is a bumper episode! Tonnes of content! After I go over my general wellbeing, there are two games I've played to talk about, Pax Renaissance and Imperial Steam - one I like, one I despise, try to guess which! Then I got a ton of news, yes, everything has been happening in the last couple of weeks and I'm going to rant and rave about it all, because not all the news makes sense. . . . . Then I'm going to go through the Dice Tower Award nominations - except I haven't seen these yet. So this is my first glance at them, all for you on this show - enjoy my reactions! 00:00 - Introduction, Baycon and getting "Back in the Game! 11:45 - What I've Played (Pax Rennaissance) 18:41 - What I've Played (Imperial Steam) 30:43 - News 47:35 - Dice Tower Award Nominations