The Broken Meeple: Episode 51 - What Do I Want In An Expansion?

The Broken Meeple Show - Episode 51 - What Do I Want In An Expansion? What a long couple of weeks. No UK Expo for me, but the family wedding I was at went perfectly! But the channel has declining views lately, possibily from the result of blacklisting and everyone being focused on Kickstarter content lately and it's concerning. But on to the good stuff. I talk about my first impressions of a little hidden gem called Songbirds that completely surprised me in how scary it was for its charming look. Then to review a game on my shelf that I never did a video for, I'll finally do a quick review of Hall of the Mountain King. And then finally to discuss, I talk about the factors I look out for when I hear a game is getting an expansion - what do I want to do 00:00 - Introduction, The Wedding and Declining Channel Views 15:50 - Support Small Creators - NINJA GEEK GAMES 17:30 - What I've Played - SONGBIRDS 24:00 - Off The Shelf Review - HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING 35:05 - What Do I Look For In An Expansion?