The Broken Meeple: Episode 52 - Can Bad Rulebooks Kill Games?

The Broken Meeple Show - Episode 52 - Can Bad Rulebooks Kill A Game? OK, I'm going to do this episode with noisy neighbours and a splitting headache :P But I think it went well! First I report on how the summer is affecting the channel and how publishers are disconnecting from me for the honest review format. I therefore make a plea to any fans to contribute to the Patreon even for just $1 a month because that's what keeps the channel going. A few new games have been announced and whether it's a odd re-do, a god awful cover, or the prospect of saving a 2 player game from dusting off on my shelf, they need to be talked about! I then take a game I never did a review on from my shelf and talk about it - this week it's the classic Diamonds from Stronghold Games. Then for a quick discussion topic - can rulebooks ever put you off a game from the get-go? Even if you like the other parts of the game, will a bad or fiddly or complex rulebook put you off your enjoyment? 00:00 - Introduction, Unfollows Affecting Me, Patreon Plea 16:00 - News 24:49 - Off The Shelf Review - DIAMONDS 34:09 - Can Bad Rulebooks Kill A Game?