The Broken Meeple: Episode 54 - Sequels vs Originals

The Broken Meeple Show - Episode 54 - Sequels vs Originals Wow there's a lot to get through here. After recovering from the UK's worst heatwave I at least got to enjoy Manorcon and play a bunch of games, many of which I'll talk about here! Acquire, Akropolis, Ride the Rails and the upcoming Endless Winter got played and my thoughts relayed here. Then I have some key news that have turned up in the last week to talk about for upcoming game announcements. Then finally a question from a Patreon - do sequels to board games work out better or worst for a game series? 00:00 - Introduction and Updates 08:30 - (What I Played) - Acquire 11:50 - (What I Played) - Ride the Rails 17:45 - (What I Played) - Akropolis 22:28 - (What I Played) - Endless Winter 30:45 - News 40:08 - Sequels vs Originals