The Broken Meeple: S03 - E06 - UK Games Expo 2019 Review - PART ONE

IMPORTANT - this is a 2 part special of the audio from my YouTube video. The full video with pictures and everything can be found there, but on the podcast is a pure audio transfer without any edits! I'm a Grade A idiot! I turned up the microphone settings in the DSLR I took to the Expo to get over the convention noise. However I forgot to turn it back down before recording this review. So you can hear what I'm saying fine, but it's a little distorted due to the loudness, I had to reduce the gain by a TON to make it like this. So I hope it doesn't spoil your experience in this video but I recorded over an hour of content so I can't do it all again! :P The UK Games Expo 2019 was a big success and I enjoyed it as always! What games did I play, who did I see, how was the big Arkham Horror LCG event? Hear my thoughts and tips on the biggest UK convention in my two parter special which will also air on my Soundcloud podcast site in audio only! Also kudos if you get the Back To The Future reference despite only hearing this in audio form! :P 00:30 - Intro and the Expo In General 04:50 - Drawn To The Flame: Arkham Horror LCG Guardians Event 12:05 - All The Games!! Please check out the other videos on this channel as well as my official blog page. And also please check out my podcast at: Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Support my Patreon page at: Also taking Paypal donations direct to: Trolls will not be tolerated and any comments that aren't discussing the topic or providing useful constructive criticism will be deleted. If I'm feeling nice, you'll get a warning. Credit to BGG & Scott King for imagery. Credit to MotionArray for Adobe based templates/music