The Broken Meeple: Season 2 Episode 2 - CO-OPERATION

My god, so soon after another episode? Well don't get used to weekly podcasts, I'd go nuts trying! But if an interesting topic comes up, I feel the need to speak about it and today it's all about Co-Operative games. Firstly I tackle a debate that's arisen from a couple of gamers I know who tend to like dry, mechanical Euro's and dismiss the Co-Op genre entirely. Why do I love the genre so much? Does their argument hold up? Here's my views on the subject. Following that given that it's the right subject and it was all the way back to Episode 12 in Season 1 when I did it before, I'll give an updated Top Ten Co-Operative Games list. 01:00 - Discussing The Co-Operative Genre 14:35 - Top Ten Co-Operative Games 38:58 - Conclusion