The Broken Meeple: Season 2 Episode 23 - HANDYCON


After a brief hiatus, it's time to get back into podcasting! In this one hour episode I run through my experiences at Handycon - the new convention in the UK that's building up every year. Allow me to talk to you about some specific games I played such as Welcome to Centerville, CO2 and Nemesis. After that I continue the Broken Memories segment with a talk about one of my first ever purchases, Citadels and then I have a lot to talk about regarding the future ideas I have for reviews, podcasting and new potential ventures, but I need your feedback and thoughts to assist.
01:05 - HANDYCON
06:37 - Games Played inc Welcome to Centerville
12:55 - CO2
17:38 - Nemesis (prototype)
28:30 - Broken Memories (CITADELS)
36:16 - Discussion (Future Ideas and Thoughts On My Content)