Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Broken Meeple

The Broken Meeple is a show based in the UK set up in August 2013 that reports on board and card games from the perspective of Luke Hector, a born-again hard-core gamer. The podcast gives my first impressions of recent board games played, discusses various gaming related subjects that are topical and recently now issues a new Top 10 list every episode chosen by you, the gamers on BoardGameGeek. The aim of the podcast is to give a fun and interesting look on the board gaming hobby whilst not being afraid of going against the hype when necessary. The podcast can also be subscribed to on ITunes.

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The Broken Meeple Episodes

Episode 3 of the Broken Meeple podcast. This episode is devoted to first impressions and I've got 4 games to discuss! 2 are good, 2 are bad. Terra Mystica, Kingdom Builder, Chicago Express and Ugg-Tect - but which are which?
Episode 2 of the Broken Meeple podcast! http://brokenmeeple.blogspot.co.uk/ In this episode (with better production values than Episode 1) I will be discussing my first impressions of a weird board game called "Killer Bunnies", my Top 3 Worst Game Genres and giving some special thanks to people who have helped me during the blog's difficult setup!