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The Broken Meeple is a show based in the UK set up in August 2013 that reports on board and card games from the perspective of Luke Hector, a born-again hard-core gamer. The podcast gives my first impressions of recent board games played, discusses various gaming related subjects that are topical and recently now issues a new Top 10 list every episode chosen by you, the gamers on BoardGameGeek. The aim of the podcast is to give a fun and interesting look on the board gaming hobby whilst not being afraid of going against the hype when necessary. The podcast can also be subscribed to on ITunes.

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The Broken Meeple Episodes


Jamey Stegmaier, designer of Tapestry, discusses how to design a civilization game. Creating a civ game is no small task, and we get into all the ins and outs of putting one together.

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Odin Phong, founder of Inkwell Games, discusses how to design a roll and write game. The roll and write genre has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, and we get into why people are drawn to them and how to design a good one. And be sure to check out Odin’s roll and...

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Ann Losito, Twitch streamer with Twist Gaming, discusses how to engage with media as a game designer. In today’s world, designers and publishers are more and more having to be on top of their media game in order to be successful. Ann and I get into what that looks like.

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Dave Schultze, designer of Gridopolis, discusses how to design a game that not only spreads out on the table but also goes up. Dave has worked for companies like Lego, Hasbro, and Mattel designing toys and games and has a ton of knowledge on how to design three-dimensional games.

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Another convention out of the way! What games did I play at Handycon 6 - was there actually any new game I played that I would consider a good one? Then a lengthy discussion about board games that have been ported into apps. Are there occasions where the app kills the physical game? Will apps get to a point where tabletop gaming becomes a thing of the past? Will social interaction win through? 00:30 - Introduction 02:40 - Handycon Games Played 29:34 - Will Apps Replace Board Games?