Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Dice Tower

The flagship podcast of the network, the Dice Tower is an audio show hosted by Eric Summerer, Suzanne Sheldon, Mandi Hutchinson, and Tom Vasel. We are happy to be sponsored by the OP!!  Featuring segments like GameTek with Geoff Engelstein, One and Done, Tales of Boardgaming Horror, Shelf Staple, and a bi-weekly Top Ten List, it covers a wide range of board and card games, with up to the minute news and game reviews. The Dice Tower is also home of the Dice Tower video show - in which Tom Vasel and many others consistently review all manner of board and card games. 

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The Dice Tower Episodes


This week Tom & Eric bring Dan King to the table!

3:01 - Getting to Know You

15:52 - The Big Question

28:50 - Viewer Questions

45:25 - One and One


This week Tom & Eric bring Jason Perez to the table!

 0:45 - Getting to Know You

17:10 - The Big Question

 28:00 - Viewer Questions

44:25 - One and One


This week Tom & Eric bring Danni Loe to the table!

1:52 - Getting to Know You

17:50 - The Big Question

31:57 - Viewer Questions

43:39 - One and One


This week Tom & Eric bring Ben Maddox to the table!

4:46 - Getting to Know You

18:03 - The Big Question

29:50 - Viewer Questions

44:46 - One and One


This week Tom & Eric bring Jerry Hawthorne to the table!

00:59 - Getting to Know You

14:00 - The Big Question

29:30 - Viewer Questions

45:10 - One and One


Tom and Eric interview each other and discuss board games on the first episode of their new show.

This will be the only episode posted here. For this and all future episodes visit https://sites.libsyn.com/409136.



In this final episode of the podcast, Tom and Eric discuss some games played on the Dice Tower Cruise, including Rescue Polar Bears: Data and Temperature, Comic Hunters, Voices in My Head, and L.L.A.M.A. Geoff revisits his first GameTek segment. We hear from listeners around the world and answer a few more questions from the mailbag, and we finish the podcast run with one more Top Ten Games of All Time.

Thank you for listening these past 17 years. We appreciate each and every one of you.


From 519 to 749... we (Suzanne and Mandi) wrap up our time with the podcast as co-hosts. We'll chat about games, dive into the mailbag, and say thanks to all the listeners who've supported us throughout the years. We'll miss you and hope you'll join us with our future endeavors.

Thank you Tom and Eric. Thank you listeners. <3


In this episode, Tom, Eric, Suzanne, and Mandi discuss Creature Comforts, BoonLake, Splitter, and Free Radicals. Geoff revisits the subject of the weight we give opinions, we have a Tale of Boardgaming Horror, we answer questions from the mailbag, and we finish off the show with a look back at our Top Ten Games of 2017.

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"The Shark" Ashley joins Suzanne and Mandi as they discuss Gates of Delirium, Fox and The Forest Digital, Voyages, That Time You Killed Me, Unsurmountable, and Adventure Game: Grand Hotel Abbadon. The bragadocious Game Pie is full of "games we win a lot."

Support for The Dice Tower is provided by TheOp.games and GameNerdz.com.