Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 726: March 29, 2021


Matt Leacock plays with climate change, "Monopoly" plays with the community, "Lost Cities" gets a roll and write, and the EXIT games get more puzzley.



  • "Pandemic" designer Matt Leacock developing "Climate Crisis."
  • Z-Man Games cancels Pandemic Survivor Series 2021.
  • "Monopoly" changing Community Chest cards.
  • 2020 Dice Tower Award Nominees announced.
  • "Little Town" designers expand operations with IELLO's "Little Factory."
  • Get lost again with "Lost Cities: Roll & Write."
  • Warchief Games announces "Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent" RPG.
  • "The Galaxy's Most Wanted" join "Marvel Champions: TCG."
  • "EXIT: The Game" adds jigsaw puzzles.
  • "Hall of the Mountain King" gets a prequel in "Fall of the Mountain King" from Burnt Island Games.
  • Quest-driven "Lands of Galzyr" from Snowdale Design coming to crowdfunding.
  • Escape the "Zombie Princess" and unlock the secrets of the Sphere in "Free Radicals" from WizKids.
  • Serve up the perfect "Square Meal" from Phantasio Games and Asmodee.



  • Oath
  • Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
  • Cubitos





  • Annapurna (Fiat Lucre Games)
  • Whatnot Cabinet (Pencil First Games)
  • Imperium: The Contention (Contention Games)
  • Ginkopolis (reprint from Pearl Games)
  • Mekhane (Cranio Creations)



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