Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 732: May 10, 2021


This episode, BGG awards some golden geeks with golden geeks, Essen swears they are really really having a convention this year, Voids and Stations both Fall, and we worry prematurely and excessively about an Isle full of Kittens.



  • Story Machine Games closing its doors
  • Essen Spiel still on target
  • BGG Golden Geek Awards
  • Marvel United: X-Men breaks records for CMoN
  • Snakesss coming from Phil Walker-Harding
  • Oink Games crowdfunding to bring its games to the Switch
  • Funko announces Disney themed It’s a Small World and Mickey and the Beanstalk
  • Dexterity Jane coming from Sit Down!
  • Stonemaier announces Between Two Castles Expansion
  • First expansion for The Isle of Cats coming to Kickstarter
  • Mindclash teases Voidfall
  • Wind the Film getting English and French release from Matagot
  • Art Decko is Rio Grande’s re-release of Promenade
  • Renegade reinvigorates Murder Mystery Parties with Crimes and Capers
  • MTG events coming back sooner than expected
  • A tribute to Warhammer Fantasy and Space Hulk co-creator Richard Halliwell



  • Voidfall
  • Stationfall
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak
  • Micromacro: Crime City
  • Merchant’s Cove





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