Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 733: May 17, 2021


This episode, Pokemon cards go on lockdown, those pesky kittens get another game, Maracaibo rises up with an expansion, Pandemic’s Hot Zone extends to Europe, and we celebrate with a fine bottle of Dom Pierre.



  • Major retailers pull Pokemon cards
  • New publisher Bright Eye Games announces bee and termite games
  • Maracaibo expansion The Uprising announced
  • Isle of Cats: Explore and Draw added to Kittens Kickstarter
  • IELLO announces Last Message
  • Button Shy to release expansion pack for Tussie Mussie
  • Pandemic Hot Zone: Europe coming this summer
  • Ascension 10 year anniversary edition
  • Games Workshop announces Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition
  • Lost Explorers coming from Asmodee and designer Cédrick Chaboussit
  • Renegade Studios releasing Transformers Deck-Building Game
  • Pile Up Games teases Champagne producing game Dom Pierre
  • Brian Boru: High King of Scotland coming from Peer Sylvester and Osprey Games
  • Details emerge about PureArts’ Orlog dice game





  • Ecos: New Horizons
  • Merchants Cove
  • Keyforge: Dark Tidings
  • Simolo: Wild Animals and Simolo: Animals
  • Marvel Champions: Starlord and Gamora
  • Mandala Stones



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