Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 741: July 12, 2021


This week, GenCon and Essen conventions specify rules regarding COVID, new versions announced for Machi Koro, Crossbows and Catapults, and Berried Treasure, and expansions are coming for a Last Aurora Middle Earth Dune Bonfire.



  • Restoration Games press conference announcements
  • Crossbows and Catapults and Thunder Road coming from Restoration Games
  • Sid Saxon’s Buried Treasures becoming Berried Treasures
  • Asmodee not attending Spiel 2021
  • Journeys in Middle Earth and Last Aurora get expansions
  • Blizzard announces World of Warcraft Lair of the Lich King Pandemic
  • Dice Tower Summer Spectacular Announcements!
  • Machi Koro 2 from Pandasaurus
  • Artians of Splendent Vale from Nikki Valens
  • Queens Dilemma from Horrible Guild
  • Arcane Wonders bringing Picture Perfect to US
  • Paint the Roses coming from North Star Games
  • First Expansion for Dune Imperium, Rise of Ix from Dire Wolf Digital
  • Bonfire expansion Trees and Creatures announced from Stefan Feld
  • Stephan Buonocore monumentally embarrassed
  • Dice Tower Awards 2020 announced






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