Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 781: April 18, 2022


This is Dice Tower Now for the week of April 18, 2022. This week, Stonemaier decides wine is for everyone, Saashi and Saashi moves from elevators to housecleaning, and Hasbro goes to D&D and beyond.



  • Asmodee makes new label “Unbox Now” for best seller titles
  • Hasbro purchases D&D Beyond
  • Dice Tower Awards Nominations
  • American Tabletop Awards Winners
  • Funforge cancels Far Cry board game campaign
  • New Cooperative Viticulture expansion from Stonemaier
  • Turing Machine from Le Scorpion Masque
  • New Cosmic Encounter expansion Cosmic Odyssey
  • Rio Grande acquires rights to Strife/Texas Showdown
  • Before the Guests Arrive from Saashi and Saashi
  • The Search for Lost Species
  • Septima from Mindclash





  • It's a Wonderful Kingdom, August 2022
  • Flamecraft, Q4 2022



  • 10: Cascadia
  • 9: Dune: Imperium
  • 8: Merchants of the Dark Road
  • 7: The Dark Quarter
  • 6: The Paradox Initiative
  • 5: Tiny Epic Vikings
  • 4: Ark Nova
  • 3: Arcs
  • 2: Viticulture World
  • 1: Septima




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