Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 801: September 5, 2022


This is Dice Tower Now for the week of September 5, 2022. This week, Ravensburger hopes to have a mouse problem, Trick or Treat’s remain Tasty, Rio Grande Plunders a new Dominion, and Eagle-Gryphon discovers Toole use to be Vital for Inventions.



  • Disney announces new Disney TCG Lorcana
  • Trick or Treat Games bringing back old TMG classics
  • Asmodee brings Tokaido Deluxe into US retail
  • Rio Grande announces new Dominion expansion, Plunder
  • FUSE stand-alone expansion Countdown coming from Renegade
  • Mac Gerdts announces Crossing Oceans, spiritual successor to Transatlantic
  • Inventions: Evolution of Ideas coming from Vital Lacerda, Ian O'Toole and Eagle-Gryphon
  • Mindclash Games bringing lighter title Astra direct to retail
  • Underdogs from 1 More Time Games retitled Challengers and being published by Z-Man
  • Catch Up Games has announced After Us by Florian Sirieix
  • Pictures XMas expansion coming from PD-Verlag
  • All Roads coming from designer Markus Kettunen and Lautapelit.fi
  • Deep Print Games announces Match of the Century from designer Paolo Mori
  • Good Game Studio publishing Korean title Vegetable Stock from Zong-Hua Yang





  • Episode 800 contest and Flamecraft pre-orders



  • Wormholes by Peter McPherson, published by AEG
  • Zombicide: Gear Up designed by Jordy Adan and Marco Portugal, published by CMoN
  • Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Divine Influence expansion by Seth Jaffee and Renegade Games
  • FYFE designed by Kosch, published by Pegasus Spiele
  • Animotion by Bruno Faidutti and Nathalie Grandperrin, published by Pegasus Spiele
  • Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad by Prospero Hall, published by Funko Games
  • My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria Deck-Building Game published by Renegade Games
  • Dominion: Seaside 2nd Edition by Donald X Vaccarino, published by Rio Grande
  • Skull Canyon Ski Fest by Jason Klinke, published by Pandasaurus
  • Cat in the Box Deluxe Edition by Muneyuki Yokouchi, published by Bezier Games




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