Dice Tower Now: Dice Tower Now 804: September 26, 2022


This is Dice Tower Now for the week of September 26, 2022. This week, the news is full of chips and guac, a new Pandemic game there is, we forage with our pretty new gauntlet, and Knizia brings on the Claritin.



  • IELLO purchased by French company Media Participations
  • Z-Man announces Star Wars The Clone Wars, a Pandemic System title
  • More details emerge on The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era
  • Rose Gauntlet announces Wild Gardens by Isaac Vega
  • WizKids announces Marvel: Age of Heroes
  • Publisher Sylex bringing second edition of Yinzi Ming
  • Reiner Knizia's new title is Pollen
  • 20Strong is a new solo adventure dice game from Chip Theory
  • Atlas Games announces 2 expansions for Godforge
  • Arborea coming from Alley Cat Games and designer Dani Garcia
  • 12 Rivers is the new title from Romain Caterdjian and BGNations
  • Trampoline Park by Hassan Hekmat getting an English release
  • Hachette is bringing the French word game Ole Guacamole to English
  • Breaking News: Details emerge on Terraforming Mars the Dice Game





  • Tidal Blades: Banner Festival how to play



  1. Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood from Shadowborne Games
  2. Tiletum by Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini, published by Board & Dice
  3. Flamecraft designed by Manny Vega, from Cardboard Alchemy and Lucky Duck Games
  4. Lacrimosa by Devir
  5. Dune: War for Arrakis from CMoN designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello
  6. Ark Nova by Mathias Wigge and Capstone Games
  7. Twilight Inscription from Fantasy Flight Games
  8. Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Z-Man Games and Alexandar Ortloff
  9. ISS Vanguard by Awaken Realms
  10. Beer & Bread by Pegasus Spiele and designer Scott Almes




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