The Dice Tower: Episode #100: Past and Present (Part 2)


In this episode, we take a look at the past and present of the Dice Tower. We have

  • Greg Schloesser talking about how he got into gaming
  • Rick Thornquist talking about the beginning of the Dice Tower
  • Mary Prasad discussing different game conventions
  • Derk and Aldie talking about, Geekspeak, and some news!
  • Mark Johnson discussing the birth of game podcasting
  • Eric Summerer explaining how he does a show bit
  • Joe Steadman talking about what he's doing these days
  • Walt O' Hara, Eric Burgess, Scott Nicholson, Paul Tevis, Doug Garrett, and a host of others talk about podcasting and the Dice Tower
  • favorite clips from the Dice Tower
  • Moritz' Ten Gaming Commandments.