Every Night is Game Night: ENGN 155 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, Part 2: Family Weight Games


Today, Anthony is back from his summer hiatus! And we have even more family weight games for your enjoyment, either with your family or as a solo gamer.

We start with two games that take familiar pieces of culture and make fun games out of them - The Fifty Nine Parks Print Series in the game Parks (6:38), and the Periodic Table of Elements in Periodic: A Game of Elements (12:30).

We then turn to two more games that happened to do really well on Kickstarter - a nifty card drafting game called Villagers (19:36), and the next in the very popular Tiny Epic product line, Tiny Epic Mechs (29:31). We end with a dexterity game that has a lot of charm and excitement, Megacity Oceanea (39:19). Well, we really don't end there - there's more after the outro music, but we well let everyone discover that for themselves!

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