Every Night is Game Night: ENGN 177 - Marvel at Sorcerer Cat's Last Bastion


Jason is joined this week by thebrandt, his good buddy from the Portal Gaming Podcast, to chat about some solo games hitting the table recently. But before we get into all of the fun, we give a heartfelt, final shout out to a podcast that came directly before this one - Low Player Count. They recently released the final episode in their run, so we'd like to thank Travis, Donny, and Shawn for blazing the trail and for being generally awesome to listen to. Kudos.

For our first game, Brandt and Jason chat about Sorcerer City (5:51), a mashup of a tile-laying game and a deckbuilding game that manages to recreate the feel of both genres in interesting ways. Our second feature is Isle of Cats (21:50), the most recent tile/ puzzle game from good friend of the podcast, Frank West.

Next up, we get into the re-implementation of the classic game Ghost Stories called Last Bastion (34:15), seeing whether it offers enough to differentiate itself from its predecessor. Finally, Brandt updates us on some of the latest expansions for the Marvel Champions LCG line, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, The Green Goblin, and the Wrecking Crew (41:00).