Every Night is Game Night: ENGN Episode 140 - Top Ten Fantasy Adventure Tabletop Game with the Sadlers and Solomode Games


We welcome back Adam and Brady Sadler to talk about another big, honking project of theirs from Blacklist Games, Altar Quest! However, instead of a straight-up preview, Jason figured it would be fun to invite the guys on to share their main influences for crafting their newest fantasy Kickstarter project.

So, along with Mike Dilisio from Solomode Games, we put together a list of Top Ten Fantasy Tabletop Games. We all made our personal Top Tens, then smushed them together to make an uber list. Spoiler alert: Adam and Brady have a LOT to say about two games that seem like no brainers for a list like this - Mage Knight and Gloomhaven. Come check out what they have to say about these and a host of other fantasy games.

Also, we will have a full preview of Altar Quest coming out for you next week.