Every Night is Game Night: ENGN Preview Series Episode 40 - Ø: Fear Nothing with Brenna Noonan


We welcome back Brenna Noonan from Starling Games to talk about their newest 1 vs. many game, Ø: Fear Nothing. It's a weird name, and it's kind of an offbeat game. We get into where that name came from and also how it distinguishes itself mechanically from games like Specter Ops and other 1 vs. many games.

There's probably a bit too much interaction here to support solo play, but fans of high level, above the table cooperative play might be very interested in what Fear Nothing has to offer. Jason also gets on his soapbox, beseeching games everywhere to give companies a chance!

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/starlinggames/fear-nothing