Every Night is Game Night: Episode 146 - Psych Chat: The Psychology of Cheating in Board Games with Dr. Corey Butler


Shout out to Marcus Brissman over in the Sporadically Board Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/510403706050913/ - who put up an excellent, interesting thread on cheating in board games a few weeks ago. In response, Jason reached out to a blogger on BGG who wrote about cheating in board games a few years ago, Dr. Corey Butler, professor of social psychology at Southwest Minnesota State University.

What drives people to cheat? Who cheats? How often does it occur? For those who have cheated, how do they justify their behavior? If you cheat at a solo game and no one sees, does it count as cheating?
We attempt to answer these and more questions about the psychological aspects of cheating.

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