Every Night is Game Night: Table for One Episode 3 - Xenoshyft Dreadmire, Hostage Negotiator, Castles of Burgundy Card Game, and Setup/Breakdown Time for Solo Games


Welcome back for episode 3 of Table for One! This week, we're talking about a couple of new games, one of which I've covered in part in the past, and an oldie that keeps hitting the table. 

I dive into Xenoshyft Dreadmire to see if it fixes the difficulty issues of Onslaught, then I revisit Hostage Negotiator as we prepare for the next standalone set that's coming very soon. I also give a more in-depth review of The Castles of Burgundy Card Game after several more plays. 

Finally, we dig into the foibles of setup and breakdown time in solo gaming. Are there games you never get to the table because they take too long, or others that just never get broken down because you may as well leave it out? Let's chat about this and more on Episode 3 of Table for One.