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How do gamers raise the next generation of geeks? How do you play games with your children without drowning in the monotony of CandyLand? How do you introduce your children to video games responsibly? Join Andrew and Anitra as they discuss gaming as a family with their three children. Listen to stories of their past, their successes and failures, and learn from their experiences. Mix this in with some giveaways, commentary about new stuff on the market, and a couple of interviews and you have The Family Gamers Podcast! If you're enjoying the show, please don't forget to leave a review, share with yoru friends, and subscribe!

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Let's talk about the most popular games played in the Smith household. These aren't necessarily our favorites. They just make it to the table the most often.

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Mark & Janelle McGee are "How to Steam Broccoli". We talk about their newest card game, Tether... and our favorite methods to cook broccoli ;)

The post Episode 335 – How To Steam Broccoli appeared first on The Family Gamers.


Every parent has some LOUD game that their kids love. Do you buy into the fun factor of noisy games, or do they drive you crazy? There are more games in this category than we thought...

The post Episode 334 – Noisy Games: Extra Fun or Parents’ Nightmare? appeared first on The Family Gamers.


Monica runs a ton of board game events (and some non-board game ones, too). We talk about Tantrum Con, Meeples at Sea, and Proto ATL.

The post Episode 333 – Board Game Cruises, Cons, and More, with Monica Rasso appeared first on The Family Gamers.


This week, it's all about YOUR questions! What's the best game for a deserted island? What kind of mystery games can we recommend for a 7 year old? What games can you play with a short attention span?

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Mike runs the CuseCon convention in Syracuse, is one of the co-hosts of The Full 42, and much more!

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Love dungeon crawl games like Gloomhaven, but aren't sure where to start with kids? Three dungeon crawl games that build in complexity, perfect for playing as a family.

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We look ahead to games coming in 2023: ones we've been anticipating for a while, ones that are new and we're hyped for, and ones that we "want to want".

The post Episode 327 – Top Anticipated Games for 2023 appeared first on The Family Gamers.