The Family Gamers: BGA Ep. 88 - If You Like Dead of Winter, Try...


This week, Anthony, Chris and Daniel sit down and discuss one of the hottest games of the last 12 months, Dead of Winter, and 9 games you might like if you also like this instant classic. We're also reviewing Tides of Time, Telestrations After Dark, and Daniel's new favorite obsession - Heroes of the Storm, plus in our Acquisition Disorder Corner this week, some new Star Wars, more Arcadia Quest, and a fun (and pretty) new take on time travel:

  • Acquisition Disorder Corner: Star Wars Edition, Loopin' Chewie,  Arcadia Quest: Inferno,  T.I.M.E. Stories
  • At the Table: Tides of Time, Telestrations After Dark, Heroes of the Storm
  • Feature: If You Like Dead of Winter, Try...

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