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How do gamers raise the next generation of geeks? How do you play games with your children without drowning in the monotony of CandyLand? How do you introduce your children to video games responsibly? Join Andrew and Anitra as they discuss gaming as a family with their three children. Listen to stories of their past, their successes and failures, and learn from their experiences. Mix this in with some giveaways, commentary about new stuff on the market, and a couple of interviews and you have The Family Gamers Podcast! If you're enjoying the show, please don't forget to leave a review, share with yoru friends, and subscribe!

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As the Family Gamers, we have a wide variety of games on our shelves. We feel that having variety in your collection is very important. But first, what we’ve been playing! What We’ve Been Playing: Let Them Eat Shrimp – by the fantastic Dr. Finn (of Herbaceous and The Little Flower Shop). Deep Sea Adventure – we’ve found that the

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We get Ryan Gutowski, Erin Gutowski, and Ric White from One Board Family on the show this week; they went to Origins Game Fair and they’re going to tell us about it. We compare GenCon, Origins, and PAX Unplugged, based on what we know. Highlight of the show? Their favorite game was Pioneer Days – “it does what Oregon Trail

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Welcome to episode 100! We are excited to have made it this far. We have a ton of stuff to share with you. Bear with us for this jam-packed episode which is longer than usual. What We’re Playing Gobblet Gobblers with the agent of chaos preschooler (other tic-tac-toe variants popular in our house: Pocket Ops, OK Play, Slideways) Where’s Mr.

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Next week is going to be a big week in video games: The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. We brought in Stephen from Engaged Family Gaming to tell us what to expect. What We’ve Been Playing Viral (the two-player variation. A great area-control game, but in our opinion, it’s better with more players.) PDQ: the Pretty Darn Quick

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About a year ago, we talked about games to play outside (episode 54) and camping-themed games (episode 58). We thought we’d revisit this topic, including a little bit of input from the kids… But first, let’s talk about… What We’ve Been Playing The Grimm Forest kid favorite Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game. Apparently, this game is the reason we

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Claire joins us to interview our amazing special guest this week: none other than Flip Florey, host of Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial! Flip is also a former panelist from the Flip The Table podcast. Flip The Table (tableflipsyou.blogspot.com) was a long-running podcast all about playing the games that no one wants to play. Many of the games

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we talk about games to play with your mom. What do our own kids think Mom (Anitra) would like to play? Last week, we had Asher on the show. This week, Claire is our co-host as we talk about games for mom. Whether your mom is a gamer or not, we have a recommendation for

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On this show, we have a special guest interviewer, our son Asher! We talk to Sam Bryant and Gwen Ruelle, also known as Runaway Parade Games, about their game Fire Tower, on Kickstarter now. As we’ve mentioned, Asher played Fire Tower at Granite Game Summit. He loved it, and not only because he took out all his opponents. Fire Tower

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House rules! Love them or hate them, everybody has played some games not quite as written. When done well, house rules can help equalize skill levels or make a game more fun. We ask our listeners for some of their favorites. What We’ve Been Playing POW! from Gigamic. Build a stable of comic-book villains and heroes, primarily through dice rolls.

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On this week’s podcast, we interview Darryl Jones about his game Dobbers: Quest for the Key. Dobbers: Quest for the Key is an encounter-building adventure game, based on a comic book Darryl drew over 15 years ago. The world of the Dobbers is the “Alwaysgreen Forest”. The “Quest for the Key” is an adventure based on the original story: save

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