Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial: James and Kat from One Shot\Campaign - Boards & Swords #57


This week I sat down with Kat Kuhl and James D'Amato from the One Shot and Campaign podcasts.  They are gamers with backgrounds in theater and improv creating really interesting actual play podcasts.  One Shot covers different systems each month with a rotating cast, while Campaign focuses on a long story set in the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG.

Come play RPGs with me at Origins!  I will be running a session of The End of the World RPG at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH.  It's Event number 6969 on the schedule, on Friday, June 17th from 9:00am to noon.  Come hang out and enjoy some awesome roleplaying with me.  We will be choosing which of the 3 End of the World books we will be running (Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath of the Gods, and Alien Invasion), and participants will also receive some sweet swag as well!

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