Dice Tower Network Podcast: Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial

Hello there, my name is Flip Florey, and I am producer, host, editor and chief porg catcher of Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial. 
As a kid I enjoyed board gaming along with comic books, Star Wars, and Transformers. My favorite games from childhood were Scotland Yard, D & D, Dark Tower, and HeroQuest. 
In the early 90's my roomates introduced me to Magic the Gathering, which actually led me to meeting my wife (who is a better Magic player than I) and the path to hardcore
board gaming was a natural one. 

My gaming tastes have definitely evolved over time, I am less into the CCG's, I am married to a hardcore Eurogamer, and I always have enjoyed a nice hunk of gaming cheese.
In the end, that means I will play pretty much anything placed in front of me and enjoy the heck out of it. 

Or so I thought...

My good friend Chris Michaud asked me to be part of his new podcast Flip the Table. The gimmick of that show was to play all of the "cheesy, weird, and obscure games that no self
respecting gamer would play". Our games ran the gamut from Ewoks Save the Trees, Mall Madness, Tales of the Crystal, every VCR game you could think of to the eternal classic Heartthrob.
The five years I spent on that show were incredible, but I definitely came out of that show a changed man. My outlook on games were different, I learned how to look at games from the past and present
with a more critical eye, boil them down to their "atoms" and find what is exactly "fun" about this?

My gaming palette has broadened because of this, and I am eternally grateful for it.

I also love the gaming community, and I took the lessons I learned from Flip the Table and on Jan. 6th 2018 I launched a new show called Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial. 
In a nutshell I aim for the show to be 1/2 Mr. Rogers, 1/2 Dr. Demento, 1/2 Weird Al, All Board Games. The focus is to make Saturday Mornings fun again and concentrate on the FUN in the board gaming sphere. 
I have a true love for the gaming community, and my mission is to make it a better, and more inclusive place. 

By day I am a Software Quality Analyst living in the wilds of New Hampshire, I am also a happy husband of 20 years (and counting), a professional birthday party clown, award winning balloon twister, Transformer collector, board game evangelist, community organizer and constantly on a quest for the perfect slice of apple pie.

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