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Four Corners Episodes


Warning - Dean's side of the recording has some technical issues. But in this episode we talk about narrative in games - not story telling games, or the theme, but games that tell a story. What types of games do this best? Are there some games we play strictly for the story?

We then do our Top 5 Games with Narrative


This week Dean and Graeme take a look at dexterity games. Are these games we week out? What are the different types of dexterity games? What about action games or speed games?

We then do our Top 5 Dexterity Games.


Due to the Labour Day long weekend and technical issues this is going up a day late. This week Dean and Graeme have a look at games for new comers to the hobby. We first discuss what we've done to introduce people to hobby board games, and what mechanisms we think work.

We then do out Top 10 Games that are NOT New Gamer Friendly and why.


In this episode, Dean and Graeme look at good games that we won't play again. What does that mean? Is it the same as highly ranked games we don't like? Why would we not want to play a good game again?

Find out, then hear our Top 5 Good Games We Won't Play Again!


This week Dean and Graeme have a look at deduction games. What types of deduction games are there? Do we like some sub genres better than others? Do we think we are good at them? Are traitor games deduction games?

We then do our Top 5 Deduction games


This week Dean and Graeme look at replacement games. Are we actively searching for replacement games? Are there games we really want to replace? Ever had that "never going to play that old game again" moment when playing a new game? Ever gone back and played games you had previously "replaced"?

We then do our Top 5 Replacement Games (original game and it's replacement)


This week Dean and Graeme have a look at player elimination in games. Do we like it or avoid it? Is it a dated mechanism? What about introducing it to new members to the hobby? Are there different types of player elimination?

We then do our Top 5 games with Player Elimination


This week we look at rule books and some good and not so good points in rules books. Do we like 2 rule books (learn to play and rules appendix)? What about GMT-like rule books? Are there things all rule books must have?

We then have a look at our Top 5 Worst Rule Books (and what makes them bad!)


This week Dean and Graeme have a look at large group games (or games that play 5+ players) that are not party games! Is the higher player count something we look for in games? Do we like playing with the full complement of players? Are there some genres/styles where the more players the better?

Then we do our Top 5 Large Group Games.


Dean and Graeme have a look at party games! What type of games do we like to play at a party? Do we bring games to all the parties? Do we want to get everybody involved? Are there "party" games that we think are misclassified as party games? Do we like party games? How many in our collections?

We then do our Top 5 Games to play at a party