Dice Tower Network Podcast: Four Corners

4 friends, 3 age demographics, 2 genders, 1 argument. Join the RPGer, number cruncher, neophyte, and the alpha gamer biweekly as we analyze one board game at a time.

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Four Corners Episodes


In this episode Dean and Graeme have a look back at 2014. How much were we into the hobby at that time? How many 2014 games do we own? Was it a good year in gaming?

We then do the Top 5 Games from 2014.


Now that we are a few months into 2019, Dean and Graeme have a look back at 2018. Was it a good year in gaming for us and for the hobby? What were the highlights/lowlights/regrets from the year?

We then answer 5 questions : Biggest surprise, Best gaming experience, Top Expansion, Top Older game you got back to the table, and the 2019 game you are looking forward to.



This week Dean and Graeme have a look at stand up moments in games. Do we like these in games? Does it detract from the rest of the game? Are there certain types of games that these types of moments tend to occur in?

We then move on to our Top 5 Games with Stand Up Moments.


This week Dean and Graeme have a look at designers. Does a designer influence if we will purchase/play a game? We've got insta-buy designers, but what about insta-avoid designers?

We then have our top 5 Designers that make us want to check out the game.


Dean and Graeme have a look at Classic Games this week. What do we mean by classic? Are all older games classics? Is there an age limit for being a classic? What about Modern Classics?

We then do our Top 5 Classic Games we still like to play.


Dean and Graeme have a look at preconceptions in reviewing/looking at boardgames. Do we give some designers/publishers/etc. a free ride when looking at their game? Do we start at different point on the 1-10 scale depending on our preconceptions? Does it matter? Is it fair?

We then do our Top 5 Games that Bucked the Trend.


Since we are all in a holiday mood, Graeme and Dean didn't want to do a heavy episode, so we decided to talk about food.

We look at snacking at the table while gaming. Good idea? Are any foods off limits? Ever seen a food related disaster at the table?

We then finish off with our Top 5 Snacks we like to have at the table.


Dean and Graeme discuss bad games that we still have fun playing. "Bad" of course being completely subjective and arbitrary. We discuss what makes a game bad for us, how do we overcome that, what how can we still enjoy them.

We then finish with out Top 5 Bad Games we Still Find Fun!


Dean and Graeme talk about the differences between a legacy and campaign game. Pretty easy right? Surprisingly figuring out what we like in each family of games ends up more difficult than expected.

We end the episode with our Top 5 Legacy/Campaign games


We all know what card games are right? Well this week Dean and Graeme have a look and see if they agree on what makes a card game. Is there a difference between card games and board games?

We then finish up with our Top 5 Card Games.