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4 friends, 3 age demographics, 2 genders, 1 argument. Join the RPGer, number cruncher, neophyte, and the alpha gamer biweekly as we analyze one board game at a time.

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Four Corners Episodes


This episode Dean and Graeme look at transition games. We've been asked how to get people into the general board game hobby if they enjoy Magic, or RPG, or Miniature games. Is just picking a game close to their other hobby a good choice?

We then finish with our top 5 games that made us want to try different subgenres of the hobby (war games, 18xx, minis, RPGs, etc.)


After a slight delay because of Graeme being in GrandCon last week, we have another podcast. We did experience some technical difficulties with the computer that were not noticed until editing, but hopefully they will be unobtrusive.

We start out by looking at some games we've played :

Sherlock : Holmes and Mycroft
Of Dreams and Shadows
Castles of Burgundy Dice Game
Railroad Revolution


This week Dean and Graeme look at Theme. What does theme mean for us? How important is it to buy and playing games? Are there themes we stay away from, or are instant buys?

We then give our top 5 Games from our favourite themes!


In this episode Graeme and Dean look at winning. Does it alter how we feel about a game? Do we feel we have to win every game? Are there times when we hold back or put extra effort? What about winning at any cost and what happens when you play against somebody who wants to win at any cost?

We finish up the episode with the top 5 games we love, but generally lose at!


We start of the podcast as normal with some games we've played :

Exit the Game
Deathbot Derby
Dice Forge
Age of Thieves
Rhein River Trader
Deception Murder in Hong Kong (although in the banter on this game I got the number of cards wrong, we did play it correctly - 8 not 6 cards per person)

We then get into the main game of discussion - Lorenzo Il Magnifico. This is another game that has split the group, try and guess who likes it and who doesn't - it might surprise you!


The inaugural episode of Across the Board.

Since the Four Corners of the Board has gone to every three weeks, I thought a "filler" podcast might tide you over till our next regular show.

I teamed up with Dean Ligget from the Board Game Buffet podcast, and we will be having a 30 minutes podcast every two weeks. We will take one topic and discuss, then finish the podcast off with a top 5 list.

This week is Con Fever, and our top 5 list is top 5 games we loved at a Con, but we didn't love as much when we got them home.


Before we get into the main reviews of 2 small publisher games, we have a look at some games we have played recently :

Nina and Pinta

We then get into the main games of the episode - Heir to the Throne and Affliction Salem 1692. Now one of these games one of the corners really, well, dislikes - and it maybe not who you think. We talk about the theme and components, mechanisms, and various other aspects of the games.




We just flew back from Dice Tower Con 2017, and boy, have we got games to talk about!

We do a quick review of a large number of games this episode, then finish with our favourite part of the con.

Captain Sonar
Plague Inc.
Grimm Forest
Watch the Skys
Cthuhulu Wars
Codenames Duet
Unlock Sausage and Squeak
Gravity Warfare
Manhatten Project Energy Empire
Lorenzo il Magnifico
Word Slam
Times Up!


We've just got back from Origins, and have we got some games to tell you about! We start off talking about a few games we played before we went.


Then we get into games we got to play at origins. We tried to play a bit of everything - big publisher games, kickstarter games that will soon be going out to backers, and small publisher games.


Heir to the Throne

Psychological Warfare

Affliction Salem 1692


We review a light euro game called In the Name of Odin, but first we have a look at some games we've played over the last few weeks :


The Colonists


Perdition’s Mouth

Food Chain Magnate

Sea of Clouds

Mythos Tales