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The Game Pit is a board game podcast based out of London, UK. Hosted by Sean and Ronan, every two weeks they discuss tabletop games which have fallen into the pit whether it be ‘Picking over the Bones’ of new and older releases, going on a ‘Treasure Hunt’ by previewing upcoming releases, sorting out the best from the rest in ‘The Vault’ or contrasting similar games in ‘Pit Fight’. Sean enjoys thematic games and gaming bling while Ronan likes to delve into the mechanisms of a game and enjoys the social interaction in tabletop gaming. These contrasting viewpoints lead to some lively discussions.

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Sean and Ronan are back in The Pit after a summer break to deal with work, life and everything else that has had us all busy these past few months.

In this episode they review Project ELITE, Smartphone Inc and six other games that have been keeping their tables hot.

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Sean and Ronan sit down and chew the fat over eight more games they have been playing recently with reviews of Fallout Shelter, Tainted Grail, Clinic and more.

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Sean and Ronan are back in a sweltering hot London 'studio' to discuss eight games they have been playing recently and a few crowd funded projects they have backed this month. 

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Matthew Jude is again dragged into the Pit for part 2 of our look back at the best and worst of 2019.

With Matthew the Pit boys reveal their top 10 games of last year while giving each other occasional abuse.

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This Game is Broken


In this episode we welcome the irritatingly talented Matthew Jude from This Game is Broken, Death by Monsters and Watch it Played.

With Matthew, we take a look back at last year and work our way through the highs and lows. Many a rant is had as we cover the games from 2019 with  categories including Under the Radar,  Most Disappointing, Not in My Wheelhouse and many more.

Next time in Part 2, we will do our top 10 games of 2019.

The Game Pit is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network 


Sean and Ronan are back in the groove and cover a bonanza sixteen games in this episode.

There are thirteen reviews, one lookback and they finish by mulling over three ongoing or recent Kickstarter projects.

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Sean is back, Natalie is Guest Starring and along with Ronan they take you through the games we played at AireCon 2020 and tip toe around Sean's all day hangover.

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Ronan and Eleanor team up to take apart seven small box games and run you through those to embrace and those to avoid in this Small Box Games Pit Fight.

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Just Ronan this time around as he gives a rundown of six small box solo games he has been playing over recent months and ranks them in his order of preference.

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Every year we take a look back one whole decade and give our picks for Top 10 games of that year.

This time it is 2010 and we tell you about the classics that have held up, the hidden gems and the growers.

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