The Game Pit: Episode 3 - The Vault

The Vault is where the best of the best games are kept in The Game Pit. In 'The Vault' episodes Sean and Ronan both champion two of their favourite games. They make the case for their inclusion in the vault and make counter points to the arguments offered by each other. After all four cases have been heard it is decision time when they must come to a verdict on which of the four candidates make it in to the hallowed Vault. This week Sean champions Arkham Horror and Dominion while Ronan makes the case for Spartacus and Agricola. Which of these four great games will be the first to gain the Official The Game Pit Seal of Approval and earn a place in The Vault? Subscribe to the The Game Pit on iTunes or at Check out our episodes and more great video, audio and written gaming goodness at We welcome your feedback at