Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Game Pit

The Game Pit is a board game podcast based out of London, UK. Hosted by Sean and Ronan, every two weeks they discuss tabletop games which have fallen into the pit whether it be ‘Picking over the Bones’ of new and older releases, going on a ‘Treasure Hunt’ by previewing upcoming releases, sorting out the best from the rest in ‘The Vault’ or contrasting similar games in ‘Pit Fight’. Sean enjoys thematic games and gaming bling while Ronan likes to delve into the mechanisms of a game and enjoys the social interaction in tabletop gaming. These contrasting viewpoints lead to some lively discussions.

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The Game Pit Episodes


Sean and Ronan are chewing through six in depth reviews this time around in The Game Pit.

Going through the ordeal this time are; Blackout: Hong Kong, Architects of the West Kingdom, Captains of the Gulf, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Pandemic: Fall of Rome and The Flow of History.



Sean and Ronan return to discuss their 2018 10 x 10 Challenge in which they tried to play ten separate games ten times over the course of the year. They chat about lessons learned and choose ten more games for this year's challenge.


With Ronan banished, Natalie once again steps into the Pit to discuss three family game and three more involved games (and Sean's magnificent cooking).

Discussed today are Fireball Island: The Curse of Vulkar, My Little Scythe, Jungle Race, The Grimm Forest, Legendary Encounters: X-Files and Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden.

We also hear from the big man himself, James.


The Game Pit is a proud member of the Dice Tower Network.


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Sean and Ronan try a new format in which they ramble around subjects ranging across gaming and beyond. Includes first impressions, Holiday Gaming, Sean's Kickstarter problem, females in history, inserts, Batman Ninja and much more...


Sean and Ronan are back again to pick over the bones of six more board games which have fallen into The Pit in recent weeks.

Reviewed this time around are Underwater Cities, Gugong, Guardians, Scorpius Freighter, AuZtralia and Raccoon Tycoon.

Check out more coverage on our YouTube channel; www.youtube.com/c/thegamepit



Sean is back in the hotseat with Ronan, ready to guide you through six reviews of games released at Essen 2018.

Up for discussion this week; Forum Trajanum, Keyflow, Newton, Expancity, NEOM and Duelosaur Island. 

Verdicts vary wildly this time around as some impress and others depress.


Ronan is joined by Pouria to recap twenty one games they played in or around LoBsterCon XVI including the new, old, short and long. 

Check out www.youtube.com/c/thegamepit for videos on these games and more...



Sean and Ronan share their thoughts on six games they samples at the big show as well as some general thoughts on their experiences at Essen. What caught their eye and what dropped out of view?


Reporting direct from Essen, Sean and Ronan give quick first impression reviews of six of the new releases they have been able to play so far. 


Sean and Ronan pick apart twelve more upcoming releases from Spiel 2018 and give their opinions on whether they are diamonds fit for a King or hearts fit for the bin. Join them as they prepare for Spiel by checking rulebooks, watching videos and anticipating what will be hot in just a few days time.