Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Geek All-Stars

The Geek All-Stars is a podcast about board games, card games, video games, MMO's, movies, TV, and anything else that comes to our minds. Each episode contains a varied group of "All-Stars" from the geek world. Join Dan/GeekJock to discuss the topics of the day. We are joined, on a regular basis, by industry insiders such as Dice Hate Me Games' Chris K, video game developer/journalist Josh Augustine, prominent bloggers such as Tom Gurganus, and (of course) guys with more games then we care to count (as in Adam O.) I cannot promise we will always stay on topic, but I can promise we will have a good time!

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The Geek All-Stars Episodes


Tonight we give a history of how we became Geeks. What games we started with what movies and concerts ect. Since tonight is likely the last time the three of us will be together recording in the same room for some time we wanted to get nostalgic for it all. We will still be recording regularly but likely via skype and more with GeekJock and Adam/Chris.


Today we are joined by Dice Hate Me Chris as we go back in time one week and talk about our trip to GEN CON! Dan, Chris and Adam (All who went) are joined by Red for the recap of all things good and bad of this years Gen Con. There was more good then bad and I know I speak for all of us when I say we cannot wait for next year!